Worship & Music

At present, we do not have the capability of making a quality video of our worship and our Pastor's sermons.

John's sermon's usually run from fifteen to twenty minutes long. Sometimes they focus on a single passage of Scripture and other times he will tie together two, three, or even four passages from Scripture. The prayers we pray and the hymns we sing in worship are often related to the same passage of Scripture our Pastor preaches on or other passages of Scripture that we have read that he is not preaching about. If you do not hear God speaking to you through our Pastor's sermon, you might hear God speaking to you through a hymn or prayer.

This is what our Pastor says about his sermons and his preaching:

"I am generally a lectionary preacher who every Sunday tries to apply one or more of the Lectionary Readings to our spiritual and congregational life. I believe the questions we ask are often more important than any answers we might receive and that we are called to wrestle with Scripture in the hope of finding a blessing rather than finding answers. When the Holy Spirit illuminates the words of Scripture we read in worship and the sermon you hear me proclaim from the pulpit, then the word read and the word proclaimed truly becomes for us the living Word of God."

"I am sometimes asked how long it takes me to prepare a sermon. My answer is that it takes anywhere from a few hours to a lifetime. I am always open to the leading of God's Spirit and sometimes find myself preaching something I did not know I was going to preach until I preached it."